The applied value way

While small consulting firms often lack the resources required to provide a global perspective, and large firms frequently over-use standard solutions, we offer a global perspective coupled with a value-oriented approach

We believe that our clients should get the highest return on their investment from our services, which is why we only pursue projects where we can create value and demonstrate tangible results upon completion of work 

We address inefficiencies in our clients' main value drivers and target core business issues from sourcing to sales. Applied Value emphasizes practical over theoretical to create value - fast!


unbiased perspective

Applied Value focuses on facts when making decisions that benefit the client - the focus is always squarely on enhancing financial value


Hands-on methodologY

Applied Value has a hands-on approach to management consulting - That means less fluffy presentations and more direct involvement


Speed and dedication

Applied Value recognizes the importance of delivering real value - fast. We take speed into consideration with almost everything we do

Our Lean Growth Methodology

We apply lean principles to reduce waste and free-up resources to be re-invested in profitable growth.  We believe a company must secure its return on invested capital before scaling up investments.

Business Focus

Business Focus is intended to define strategic focus, Excel in key capabilities and use partners to handle non-core activities.

Business Focus is addressed in three dimensions: Customers, Products, and Value Chain:

Customers: Who are your best customers & markets?
Products: What products & services and with what architecture should you offer?
Value Chain: Where to invest in the total value chain?


Simplicity intends to reduce complexity,
simplify and standardize processes, organization and supply chain.

Reduction of product and customer complexity has a significant impact on profitability and is the first step in focusing the business.

Complexity drives cost and lead-time, and it must be challenged!


Companies that meet customer needs faster than competitors grow faster and are more profitable.

Core processes to improve speed in include product development, sales, and supply chain processes - Improvements will result in both top line and bottom line improvements.

This is the result of a longer sales life and premium pricing, larger market share, lower process costs and more leverage towards suppliers.


Our Expertise

Applied Value boasts expertise in six key functional practice areas:

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