The applied value way

While small consulting firms often lack the resources required to provide a global perspective, and large firms frequently over-use standard solutions, we offer a global perspective coupled with a value-oriented approach.

We believe that our clients should get the highest return on their investment from our services, which is why we only pursue projects where we can create value and demonstrate tangible results upon completion of work. 

We address inefficiencies in our clients' main value drivers and target core business issues from sourcing to sales. Applied Value emphasizes practical over theoretical to create value - fast!

unbiased perspective

Applied Value focuses on facts when making decisions that benefit the client - the focus is always squarely on enhancing financial value

Hands-on methodologY

Applied Value has a hands-on approach to management consulting; that means productive presentations and more direct involvement.

Speed and dedication

Applied Value recognizes the importance of delivering real value - fast. We take speed into consideration with almost everything we do.