Industry Reports

Steel Report

Steel Report:

Published quarterly, our Steel Report has become a staple in the industry by providing an analysis of the most recent developments in the global steel landscape and presenting our viewpoints and best-practice solutions to address the latest challenges

Applied Value has significant experience in raw material purchasing, especially within the Steel Industry.  Our clients include buyers in the automotive, truck, white goods, CPG, construction, and other raw material heavy consuming industries

Telecom Report

Published on a quarterly basis, our Telecom report focuses on the financial performance of global Operators (Carriers), Infrastructure OEMs, and Device OEMs, providing a full analysis of the financial performance throughout the value chain

Applied Value has garnered experience from more than 250 engagements with our ICT clients, improving both Revenue Growth and Cost & Capital efficiency. We hope that you will find the report insightful, and welcome any feedback or opportunities for further discussion with our team

Pulp & Paper Report

The Pulp & Paper Report is published quarterly for the benefit of our clients in Pulp & Paper industries. The report benchmarks the financial performance of over 30 leading Pulp & Paper companies around the world and finds significant differences between the studied companies

Our Pulp & Paper practice has been serving world leading companies since our foundation. This report leverages Applied Value's experience from 50+ conducted engagements improving Cost & Capital efficiency and Revenue Growth for our Pulp & Paper clients

Value Papers

Applied Value continuously publishes research articles that present business leaders with real opportunities for improving bottom line performance. These “Value Papers” are divided into three series: Revenue Improvement, Cost Efficiency, and Capital Efficiency – all of which are important contributors to a company's Return On Invested Capital. The Value Papers combine in-depth analysis and theoretical rigor, but also thoroughly discuss practical implementation issues.